With a fresh, daring, and accessible approach to beauty, LEONCE celebrates the very essence of femininity. Signature for quality, edgy creativity, practicality, and constant innovation, LEONCE offers over 50 prestige makeup, and skincare products and that invite women to put forward the best of themselves, to set their imagination free, and to cherish their uniqueness.

Inspired by the diverse cultural richness of Europe, all products that bear the LEONCE name have a distinctive flavour. The city's European roots are well reflected in the traditional sophistication and fashion flair of the line.


Innovation is at the forefront of every LEONCE product. Leonce`s universe of spectacular colours, audacious textures, and unique packaging design revolutionizes the art of makeup with breathtaking effects; exotic make up compositions with equally distinctive concepts master the art of seduction; LEONCE's cutting-edge product formulations and clinically proven product effectiveness constantly push the limits of product performance to a higher level.


LEONCE products offer the versatility and convenience that allow women to naturally integrate beauty into their multi-faceted lifestyles. With a rich variety of products that save both time and space, LEONCE renders the beauty experience enjoyable, even for the busiest women.


The Colours of your Life... Because every woman is unique... from her personality to her skin, her eyes, her smile... And so is her life. Leonce understands this.
Enhancing that special something that makes each woman unique. Bringing her individuality to life in a crowd... like a living photograph where each woman reveals her colours, her beauty, her spirit.
Colors and products of the highest quality created to celebrate everything that makes each woman unique. An ode to beauty and to the art of always being true to yourself... whether at a glamorous gala or getting together with friends.
The Colours of your Life... Because you are beautiful, you are unique, and that is why we exist.

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